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ShowOslo Architecture Triennale 2016: Åfťěŕ Bėļöńğiñg
Date8. September–27. November 2016
PlaceDOGA, Oslo, Norway
Selected debrismetallic grids, transparent acrylics with prints, screws, printed acrylic “Please do not touch” sign.


2017. æStue, Oslo

Metallic grids reused as doors, wall of storage under stair, and as a fence for safety right next to the fjord.

2019. Pintxo Poster, Donostia

“Please do not touch” sign from OAT16, reused in exhibition Pintxo Poster at Lantoki, Tabakalera. Photo: Niko Iturralde
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Tabakalera –signal system–

Exhibition spaceTabakalera
Date (materials in use)September 2015 > 2018
PlaceDonostia, Basque Country, ES–PV
Selected debrisOSB plates from former signal system
OSB panels used for signal system at Tabakalera. Photo: Niko Iturralde

¡No queda nada! Montando desde hoy la señalética de Tabakalera Donostia 🔜🔜🔜#tabakalera #señaletica #wayfinding #design #culture #contemporary #donostia #identity #graphics

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2019.PINTXO POSTER, Tabakalera, Donostia

OSB panels reused as tables and for showing posters, during the exhibition “PINTXO POSTER” by antipodes café (2019.04). Foto: Niko Iturralde
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Stakkars-oss som bor i Oslo

ShowStakkars-oss som bor i Oslo (Eng: Poor us who live in Oslo)
Date22. January–10. March 2015
PlaceDOGA, Oslo, Norway
Selected debriswooden planks and lists, screws (hundreds!)
Stakkars oss som bor i Oslo, photo: 2015 © Morten Storstein


2015 – Satire seminar, National Library, Oslo

Wood was reused for a Seminar about Satire arranged by Det Flerespråk Biblioteket at the National Library in Oslo.
(papers for those signs were back side of posters found on a trash bin. Sentences were defined by librarians.)

2016 – Deckchairs workshop “Dispose” with Basurama at æDEG15, and urban intervention in Bjørvika, Oslo

Screws and wood were reused for creating deckchairs with Basurama at æDEG15, Barcode, Oslo.
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Arbeid Pågår

ShowArbeid pågår! (Eng. “Under construction!”)
Date10. June –28. September 2014
PlaceDOGA, Oslo, Norway
Selected debrisbanners, wooden panels (printed)
Årbeid Pågar! – Photographs: Roberto di Trani – DOGA © 2014


2016 – æDEG15, Barcode, Oslo
2017 – antipodes café visita Elefante, Brasilia

One of the three aprons made in house by Sunniva and daily used in the project æDEG15 (Barcode, Oslo, 2016)
Foto: exhibition antipodes café visita Elefante. (ECC, Brasilia, 2017)

2016 – workshop “dispose” (w/Basurama) æDEG15, Barcode, Oslo

Banners were reused during a two days open workshop at æDEG15 for creating deckchairs. Workshop was directed by Basurama (Spain)
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Bjørvika informasjonssenter

ShowBjørvika informasjonssenter (information center: Bjørvika -show room-)
Date30. September 2002 – December 2013
PlaceBjørvika, Oslo, Norway
Selected debris2 pavement signs, acrylics, lights, 3 barracks

2016 – æDEG15, Barcode, Oslo

3 barracks and pavement sign, reused in project æDEG15, Oslo. (photo: Svein G. Kjøde)
3 barracks reused in project æDEG15, Oslo. (photo: Svein G. Kjøde)

2017 – Tenthaus Oslo

All spots taken from Statens Vegvesen show room in 2013 –before becoming waste even if they were in perfect conditions–, were later donated to Tenthaus Oslo, as they had the same lightning system.

2017>  – æStue, Bjørvika, Oslo

2 barracks and pavement sign reused in æStue (æHouse), Rostockgata 99, Oslo
photo: Thor Johansen © 2018
photo: Gonzalo Rivas (from the new Munch Museum –under construction–) 2018
photo: Didrick Stenersen – Visit Oslo © 2017

2018>  – æStudio

1 barrack, and a pavement sign reused in æStudio (æHouse), Grev Wedels Plass 1b, Oslo

2014>  – diverse projects, Oslo

2 Pavement signs from Bjørvika informasjonssenter, reused for diverse projects…