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Bjørvika informasjonssenter

ShowBjørvika informasjonssenter (information center: Bjørvika -show room-)
Date30. September 2002 – December 2013
PlaceBjørvika, Oslo, Norway
Selected debris2 pavement signs, acrylics, lights, 3 barracks

2016 – æDEG15, Barcode, Oslo

3 barracks and pavement sign, reused in project æDEG15, Oslo. (photo: Svein G. Kjøde)
3 barracks reused in project æDEG15, Oslo. (photo: Svein G. Kjøde)

2017 – Tenthaus Oslo

All spots taken from Statens Vegvesen show room in 2013 –before becoming waste even if they were in perfect conditions–, were later donated to Tenthaus Oslo, as they had the same lightning system.

2017>  – æStue, Bjørvika, Oslo

2 barracks and pavement sign reused in æStue (æHouse), Rostockgata 99, Oslo
photo: Thor Johansen © 2018
photo: Gonzalo Rivas (from the new Munch Museum –under construction–) 2018
photo: Didrick Stenersen – Visit Oslo © 2017

2018>  – æStudio

1 barrack, and a pavement sign reused in æStudio (æHouse), Grev Wedels Plass 1b, Oslo

2014>  – diverse projects, Oslo

2 Pavement signs from Bjørvika informasjonssenter, reused for diverse projects…